All workshops take place in parallel in different rooms as outlined below. Please refer to the respective workshop’s webpage for a detailed program. All rooms are located in the GW2 building as well.

Co-located Event: Serious Games Development and Application (SGDA)


  • Wednesday (Room B3009) and Thursday (Room B2880)

W1: Harnessing Collective Intelligence with Games (together with SGDA)

  • Wednesday together with SGDA (Room B3009)

W2: 2nd Workshop on Game Development and Model-Driven Software Development

  • Wednesday (Room B2890)

W3: 4th Workshop on Mobile Gaming, Mobile Life – Interweaving the Virtual and the Real

  • Wednesday (Room B2880)

W4: MUSST: Workshop on Multi-User Services for Social TV

  • Workshop has been canceled

W5: Workshop on Exploring the Challenges of Ethics, Privacy and Trust in Serious Gaming

  • Wednesday (Room B3850)

T1: Open Source Software for Entertainment

  • Wednesday (Room B2900)

Doctoral Consortium

  • Wednesday (Room B3770)


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