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Educational Game:  Would Existence of a Game Goal Improve Learning?
Cyril Brom, Edita Bromova and Martin Pergl

Player Control In A Real-Time Mobile Augmented Reality Game
Mareike Picklum, Georg Modzelewski, Susanne Knoop, Toke Lichtenberg, Philipp Dittmann, Tammo Böhme, Volker Fehn, Christian John, Johannes Kenkel, Philipp Krieter, Patrick Niethen, Nicole Pampuch, Marcel Schnelle, Yvonne Schwarte, Sanja Stark, Alexander Steenbergen, Malte Stehr, Henning Wielenberg, Merve Yildirim, Can Yüzüncü, Frederic Pollmann, Dirk Wenig and Rainer Malaka

Evolution of GameBots project
Michal Bída, Martin Černý, Jakub Gemrot and Cyril Brom

A Framework for Usability Evaluation of Mobile Mixed Reality Games
Charley Gielkens and Richard Wetzel

Therapeutic presence – virtual illusions for neuro-rehabilitation
Thomas Schüler

Integrated system for automatic platform game level creation with difficulty and content adaptation
Fausto Mourato, Manuel Próspero Dos Santos and Fernando Birra

Webased Graphical Environment to Support Programming in the beginning Learning Process
Carlos J. Costa, Manuela Aparicio and C Cordeiro

Interactive Music Recommendation System for Adapting Personal Aection: IMRAPA
Keigo Tada, Ryosuke Yamanishi and Shohei Kato

Value-based Design for Gamifying Daily Activities
Mizuki Sakamoto, Tatsuo Nakajima and Todorka Alexandrova

Real Story Interaction: The Role of Global Agency in Interactive Storytelling
Christian Roth and Ivar Vermeulen

Adaptive Difficulty with Dynamic Range of Motion Adjustments in Exergames for Parkinson’s Disease Patients
Sandra Siegel and Jan Smeddinck

The Influence of Music on Player Performance in Exergames for Parkinson’s Patients
Damian Lilla, Marc Herrlich, Rainer Malaka and Dennis Krannich

The Soundtrack of Your Life
Oliver Kierepka, Constantin Brosda and Chris Geiger

Mobile Gaming with Indirect Sensor Control
Daniel Böhrs, Dirk Wenig and Rainer Malaka

Heuristics for Social Games with a Purpose
Aneta Takhtamisheva and Tim Decker

Serious Questions in Playful Questionnaires
Aneta Takhtamysheva and Jan Smeddinck


Interactive Installation Design to Enhance Audience Immersion and Informational Behaviour
Michaela Buchtova

Emotional Interaction with Surfaces – Works of Design and Computing
Larissa Müller, Svenja Keune, Arne Bernin and Florian Vogt

The Empathy Machine: Generated music to augment empathic interactions
David Kadish, Nikolai Kummer, Aleksandra Dulic, and Homayoun Najjaran

Blending Real and Virtual Worlds using Self-Reflection and Fiducials
Martin Fischbach, Dennis Wiebusch, Marc Erich Latoschik, Gerd Bruder and Frank Steinicke

The Animation Loop Station: Near Real-time Animation Production
Benjamin Walther-Franks, Florian Biermann, Nikolaas Steenbergen and Rainer Malaka

Exploring User Input Metaphors for Jump and Run Games on Mobile Devices
Kolja Lubitz and Markus Krause

The Social Maze: A collaborative game to motivate MS patients for upper limb training
Tom De Weyer, Karel Robert, Johanna Renny Octavia Hariandja, Geert Alders and Karin Coninx

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